Clive Fenner Music
This CD was recorded Live at the East side Jazz Club in June 2017. I had wanted to add some synthesizer and keyboards to my existing quartet and we were all very pleased when Jim Watson said that he was available. We had about a 45 min rehearsal to just check out the numbers. It really was making it up as you go— I like that and I think it brings a freshness and an edge to the music. Of course it may turn out a disaster, but I think it works very well here and I’m very proud to be part of it. For me the strength of these recordings is in the musical interaction and improvisation qualities of the band. Geoff, Mark, Martin and Jim are all great soloists and listeners . I love Marks solo on “ Blue Monk “ ( which somehow turned into a slow blues!), it reminds me of Peter Green at his best. Jim builds and develops a brilliantly melodic solo on “ Here there and Everywhere”—and gets a great sound from the Korg—which he had never played before. Geoff is one of the best bass soloists around and his electric bass solo on “ Strange Meeting” is a stand alone feature that barely needs the rest of the tune. Martins playing is always in the tradition—but a little on the edge at the same time. He always performs a great ballad as his solo on “ Here there and everywhere” but I think his playing on “ Lonely woman” which takes the tune in and out of time developing different moods and feels is incredibly imaginative.

Track 01: Mr PC (John Coltrane)

Track 02: Blue Monk (Thelonius Monk)

Track 03: Lonely Woman (Ornette Coleman)

Track 04: Here There and Everywhere (Lennon/McCartney)

Track 05: Strange Meeting (Bill Frisell)

Track 06: Old Times (Kenny Wheller)

Track 07: Blown Away (Geoff Gascoyne)

We had a lot of fun playing this music. Dil Katz again did the recording and initial mixing. Dil gets a great sound and like the first CD it is hard to believe that this is a live recording. Clive Fenner.